We source the best and brightest talent across the Middle East, with an established network of MiNT-vetted professionals ready to meet your creative needs.

MiNT are proud to be one of the region’s leading talent acquisition teams, specialising in finding candidates for positions that require specific and unique skill sets, as well as recruiting for broader roles in various creative fields.

We’re different from other recruitment agencies for a number of reasons, but ultimately our approach and our experience is what really sets us apart. We have a deep understanding of the kind of skills and competencies needed to succeed, and more importantly, we know what works and what doesn’t, saving clients time and money.

Recruitment isn’t just about filling vacancies either; it’s about understanding the client needs and matching that with the right talent. We get this more than most. Our people aren’t just numbers in a column to us; we invest in them, we foster the relationship right from the beginning and support them throughout the whole recruitment process. That’s how we find the best people.

Our reputation is second to none for sourcing and vetting exceptional talent and that’s because we take the time to appreciate both the brand and the candidate’s motivations and goals. Clients demand the best, and here at MiNT, that’s exactly what we provide. We take the legwork out of hiring. We make it simple. We make it straightforward. And we already have an established network of talent we can draw from to find the best match for the job.

We promote flexibility and a fluid way of working. Fixed, short or long-term contracts, permanent or temporary vacancies, whatever your requirements, we will find the right talent for you.

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Model Management

Here at MiNT, we don’t wait around for prospects to come to us - we seek them out. We identify gaps in the market, we push for the best opportunities and drive forward the conversation, ensuring our talent is first in line to land exclusive contracts with some of the region’s most prestigious brands.

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Studio / Venue Hire

We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Airbnb’ of shoot locations across the region. We partner with the top studios and venues in Dubai to offer brands a flexible and affordable way to execute their campaigns.

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